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Protect Your Business with a Commercial Access Control System

Commercial Access Control System

An access control system allows authorized employees and visitors to get in and out of various areas of your business while denying unauthorized individuals admittance. We offer access control systems that range from swipe cards and electronic touchpads that secure a single door or office to networked security systems that secure large facilities including multiple buildings at multiple sites.

The added security provided by an access control system is important to many businesses, and in many cases, it is even required. Aside from protection, an access control system also improves property management efficiency because there’s no need to replace lost keys or track down old keys. You can ensure that your employees have access to anywhere they are authorized to be, while also tracking who is coming in and out of your building. You also have the option of allowing time and attendance integration and parking area access control for that extra layer of security.

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Improve Employee Safety with an Access Control System

Employee safety continues to be a major concern for employers, but having an access control system in place helps keep your employees secure from threats both inside and outside of the work area. Aside from protecting employees and their property, you also have assets and resources that need to be protected at all times. Unfortunately, commercial buildings that only make use of door locks for security run the risk of theft, invasion, and malicious damage.

An access control system is the most efficient and convenient method of securing your commercial building, employees, and assets. Your doors will automatically close and lock after authorized personnel have entered, and anyone else without authorization will be denied access. You will never have to replace a lock again whenever an employee resigns. Additionally, employee access control systems can even provide a time stamped log of when each employee enters and leaves a given area.

6 Signs Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Commercial access control systems can mean improved security for your employees as well as your physical business assets. Regardless of whether strict security measures are required by your industry or you’re simply looking to improve the protection of your employees and business, access control systems can provide many advantages. Some signs you may benefit from improved access control include:

  • If your establishment keeps an inventory or stock of products on hand and you are concerned with theft
  • If your employees are on a rotating shift and you would like to allow them access to your premises only on the hours they work
  • If your industry requires confidentiality or has high security requirements to protect things such as trade secrets and sensitive information
  • If your building is located in an area that has a high crime rate
  • If you want specific rooms or areas in an office to be off-limits to certain employees
  • If you have a high employee turnover rate and want to manage access without a need to replace your locks whenever an employee resigns

Give Your Business the Protection It Deserves

If you are looking for an integrated commercial security system in St. Louis, trust only the best from Burnes Citadel. Our security packages for businesses can incorporate everything from commercial access control systems and intrusion detection/alarm devices to fire systems, heat and smoke detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, temperature control, and remote monitoring.

By allowing us to manage the security of your business in St. Louis, you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business while managing your security budget. To learn more about our access control systems, please call us today at 314.771.7275.