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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems for Your Business

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems in St. Louis

Video surveillance has been a mainstream security tool for years. With ever-improving technological advancements, security cameras are now more effective than ever. While analog and digital cameras continue to be used, IP and high definition cameras are becoming more popular due to their ease of installation, customization options, and analytics.

Remote viewing and storage of the video images has improved the level of protection offered by commercial video surveillance systems. The number of applications in which security camera systems can be used is quite extensive. A few of the more popular uses are:

  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Manufacturing and factory sites
  • Visitor/Lobby view
  • Parking Lot/License plate viewing

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Ensure Workplace Safety with Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Burnes Citadel has more than 40 years of experience in providing end-to-end security solutions for businesses and organizations in St. Louis. We start with a site visit and assessment of your business’ needs, and follow through with after-sales support and maintenance subsequent to installation of your commercial video surveillance systems. Our objective throughout the process is to educate you with clear and concise information about digital and IP video surveillance systems and to develop a customized solution that will provide years of quality security and peace of mind.

St. Louis Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Protect your business assets by choosing from the full-range of commercial security systems and security video surveillance systems that Burnes Citadel provides. This includes everything from basic, standalone cameras that will record the vulnerable areas of your business — like your cash register or cash vault — to a variety of sophisticated commercial video surveillance systems that will allow you to discreetly view everything that is happening both inside and outside of your building.

Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Here are some of the benefits that your business will gain with the installation of our commercial video surveillance systems:

  • Deter crime: Knowing there is a camera present deters would-be criminals from committing theft and violent crimes, thus ensuring protection for your employees and business.
  • Reduce shrinkage: Having a system of cameras within the business premises prevents employee theft, shoplifting, and other shrinkage costs, resulting in better inventory management.
  • Encourage good behavior: Knowing that their actions can be monitored in real-time will motivate and prompt your staff into action, resulting in increased employee productivity levels.
  • Prevent liability claims: Camera surveillance systems can prevent slip-and-falls and other personal injury claims because you can easily disprove false claims made against your business through video evidence.
  • Determine purchasing behavior: Through the use of video surveillance, you can also learn more how your customer behaves while inside your business premises, so you will know in which part of your store to place merchandise for the best sales.

Learn More About Burnes Citadel’s Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

Running the day-to-day operations of your business can be a challenge, and like many business owners, you can use all the support you can get. We can help you manage your time better by providing you with state-of-the-art commercial video surveillance systems and a host of other security solutions, so you can focus more on running your business.

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