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Residential Security Overview

Wireless Home Security Systems – Life Safety for Your Life Style

Wireless Home Security Systems & Residential Security

Protecting your family, home, and possessions requires more than just a security system. At Burnes Citadel Security, we specialize in providing advanced Smart Home Interactive systems that do more than just guard the people, property, and possessions you cherish. Aside from life-threatening situations of theft or intrusion, we also protect you from health and environmental hazards through our fire, smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. With our superior offerings and customized solutions, Burnes Citadel assures the protection of your ongoing “life safety”.

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More than Just a Home Security System

Wireless Home Security Systems Overview

In addition to making your home safer, our wireless home security systems also come with a home automation program designed to make you and your loved one’s lives easier. Aside from the essential functions of an alarm system such as the arming and disarming of alarms and allowing access to authorized guests, our versatile and comprehensive Smart Home Technology can also operate your house’s electronic infrastructure.

Home Automation Made Easy

With Smart Home Technology, assurance and peace of mind also come with remote control. By partnering with industry leaders in wireless technology, Burnes Citadel lets you use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to manage and control your home’s security, locks, video surveillance systems, thermostats, appliances, and light systems even though you’re away.

Wireless Home Security System Demo

As you’ll see in this brief video on Smart Home Technology, you can use Burnes Citadel’s wireless home security systems to remotely adjust your thermostat, control your lighting system, and a whole lot more. You can even preheat your oven when you’re not in the kitchen, or brew your coffee while still in bed. To get to know our wireless home security systems a little bit better, why not take it for a spin so you can interactively experience how the programs controls work.

Security That’s within Your Reach

Busy families and professionals today appreciate and enjoy the efficiency and time-saving convenience of our lifestyle-enhancing products. When you combine the benefits of home automation with the safety and protection of our best-in-class security systems, you’ll see why Burnes Citadel is the wireless home security system of choice for many St. Louis residents.

Reliable Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Your peace of mind is further strengthened by Burnes Citadel’s locally owned, UL-Listed central monitoring center. Whenever your wireless home security system detects a problem, our monitoring station initiates the appropriate response and immediately dispatches emergency personnel (police, firefighters, or paramedics) to your home.

Wireless Home Security Systems: Protecting What’s Important to You

At Burnes Citadel, we take a personalized approach when it comes to your home security. We get to know you better, and we take the time to understand your needs. When you work with us, you are assured that your whole wireless home security system is fully operational and has been optimized for your needs. For more information on our wireless home security system and to receive a FREE security survey, please call us now at 314.771.7275!

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